London Bridal Boudoir

The past few years have seen Joanna and David through Big Day Weddings photographing thirty plus weddings a year, in fact after becoming Time Out Recommended for London that meant having to turn some wedding work down to make sure that it didn’t take away from studio and location shoots. What it did mean however was a big upsurge in wonderful bridal boudoir work. These days one of the ultimate gifts a newly married groom can receive is a fabulous boudoir album or presentation disc of files to blow hubby away!  Imagine presenting the man of your dreams a sexy folio of yourself as a private gift to him on your wedding night…

Come and have a wonderfully relaxed time with Joanna and co, don’t worry if it’s not us photographing your actual wedding as we are busy enough with those, and besides we can’t do every wedding couple in London anyway!

We have props, lingerie, fully equiped studio and dedicated boudoir bedroom ready for you. Bring your own special wear of course, but if you fancy why not bring a little wedding paraphernalia too, for instance a veil in the boudoir bedroom or studio can look stunning.

As far as wedding boudoir in London goes, and our new brides feedback, we know what works!

London Bridal Boudoir

London Bridal Boudoir Graphic

Bridal studio boudoir photo

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