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London Boudoir Photographers

Forget Valentine’s Day….

Pearls in London Boudoir Bedroom shot

It’s true the world over that Valentine’s Day can help bring the romantic out in many of us. In fact it is apparently the second most celebrated date in the calendar after New Year’s Day.  What does that tell us? Well, probably that people like to demonstrate their love for each other, and they also love to give at that time too. As London Boudoir photographers we always experience a surge of interest and bookings around this time. That’s welcome and that’s understandable! Lots of chocolate and meals out and surprise weekend breaks happen around February 14th. In America alone 190 million Valentine cards will be given out. Lots of special surprise classy sassy boudoir photos too..well certainly around these parts!

Chances are though if you are reading this blog post you are more than your typical Valentine gift giver. You may well be reading this at a completely different time of year. That tells us that you are probably the kind of person that doesn’t need to give something extra special to a loved one just on Valentine’s alone. Hence our post title “Forget Valentine’s Day”

Great boudoir memories are not date dependent! It may be a birthday surprise, something special on a wedding night, or a record for yourself looking at your sensual best. Whatever the reason, Joanna and her team are here to give you the best London boudoir photographers experience, both at the time of your personal shoot, and also with the permanent timeless images you will take away. Whoever you give them too.

If you’d like to talk over your ideas, questions, or just for us to check the diary for availability: give Joanna a call or email or text.

For more info have a read of our “How it Works” page.

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Boudoir Photographers London

Boudoir Photographers London

As Boudoir Photographers London we work hard to create the best most sensual and tasteful shots for our clients, our goal has always been to exceed expectations. Joanna is a good listener, which is important, because she is working in the service industry. Photographers need to understand exactly what it is that a lady wants for her boudoir experience.Yes we are creative, and put our own ideas forward, but ulitmately a person must walk away from us with the shots to last a lifetime that they desired in the first place!

Some studios seem to have just one photographic setup with only props and camera position that changes, in the industry this is known as “cookie cutter” photography. Good boudoir photography whether it’s here in London or John O’Groats in Scotland, needs to take into account all the wonderful variations in shape, height and age of the ladies and couples that are being photographed, and adapt to suit. For example, if a woman is under thirty years old and has taut smooth skin then a studio spotlight can look incredible against a black backdrop, but the same woman twenty years later may appreciate a softer “high key” approach. This is one of the main reasons we use both a typical studio setup and then also our set dressed light airy boudoir bedroom for our photo sessions.  To add variety we also use a fantastic spiral staircase and a vintage hotel set. These give some very different looks, and also allows us to get the very best shots possible for whoever comes to us for their London boudoir photos! For more info have a read of our “How it Works” page

Give Joanna a relaxed call to talk through your ideas on 02084406144 to see what we could do for you.

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keeler type boudoir photo taken in our london studio




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London Bridal Boudoir

The past few years have seen Joanna and David through Big Day Weddings photographing thirty plus weddings a year, in fact after becoming Time Out Recommended for London that meant having to turn some wedding work down to make sure that it didn’t take away from studio and location shoots. What it did mean however was a big upsurge in wonderful bridal boudoir work. These days one of the ultimate gifts a newly married groom can receive is a fabulous boudoir album or presentation disc of files to blow hubby away!  Imagine presenting the man of your dreams a sexy folio of yourself as a private gift to him on your wedding night…

Come and have a wonderfully relaxed time with Joanna and co, don’t worry if it’s not us photographing your actual wedding as we are busy enough with those, and besides we can’t do every wedding couple in London anyway!

We have props, lingerie, fully equiped studio and dedicated boudoir bedroom ready for you. Bring your own special wear of course, but if you fancy why not bring a little wedding paraphernalia too, for instance a veil in the boudoir bedroom or studio can look stunning.

As far as wedding boudoir in London goes, and our new brides feedback, we know what works!

London Bridal Boudoir

London Bridal Boudoir Graphic

Bridal studio boudoir photo

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